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The Snipping Tool app on Mac comes with unique features designed to enhance user experience. Some features you may enjoy are:

  • Rectangle Snip.
  • Freeform Snip.
  • Window Snip.
  • Full-Screen Snip.

Compatibility Range

Widely adaptable, you can launch the Snipping Tool on MacOS systems, supporting not only older versions but also the latest offerings from Apple. No matter if your device is an iMac, MacBook Pro, or models on the ARM M1 chip, functionality is assured.

Steps to Set Up the App


To install Snipping Tool on Mac, follow these comprehensive steps:

  1. First, download the Snipping Tool .dmg file on your Mac.
  2. Open the .dmg file.
  3. Then, drag the Snipping Tool on Mac icon to the Application folder.

Launching the Application

Post-installation, you simply need to search for Snipping Tool in your Applications directory and launch it. The simplicity in launching and accessing Snipping Tool on MacBook Pro and other Mac devices is one of the application's many strengths.

Tips for Free Use

Interested users should be aware you can access Snipping Tool on Mac for free. Not only is this feature-rich tool fully functional, but it can also be used without any financial commitments.

In addition, MacBook users will be thrilled to discover they can utilize Snipping Tool on MacBook for free as well. With this tool, everyone has access to efficient and user-friendly screenshot capabilities.

Downloading the Software

For those concerned about the ease and security of the download process, rest assured. The process to download Snipping Tool for Mac is straightforward and secure.

Download Snipping Tool for Free & Install on PC

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